Keeping track of your company assets can become a full time task.

As your company expands you purchase new hardware and software, keeping track of all your assets can become a timely and costly experience.

Asset Management is an necessary task that facilitates the following:

  • Hardware & Software management
  • License compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Security

Such a solution is necessary for tracking all of your hardware and software assets. It can tell you where they’re located, how they’re configured, and when any changes are made to them.

Why asset management?

  • Poor hardware inventory can result in increased costs
  • Costing and planning an operating system upgrade is difficult without accurate inventory data
  • Software license compliance requires an accurate audit of all software applications installed on client PC’s across the network

A successful asset management solution can save your company time, money and peace of mind.

License Procurement

  • Lower Price and Bulk Price Software Licenses

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