Email is the number 1 way that viruses get on your computer. Our email services block email threats before they reach your network and provides well-advised policy-based management and routing of email.

We can offer you the expertise and technology to exterminate email viruses for good.

We can manage your email system and ensure you’ll get a reliable system with support from us.

Service We Provide Includes:

  • Decrease exposure to security threats/email threat protection – Block spam, viruses and other email threats before they reach your network. We can configure your email system for you and adjust them over time to minimize the spam that you receive.
  • Install anti-virus system – We will install and manage an anti-virus solution that will scan all of your incoming mail. This keeps viruses off of your network and under control.
  • Email Policy Management and Encryption – Apply content and attachment filters. Control user access to personal quarantines and settings. Apply these and other policies company-wide, or just to groups or individuals.
  • Remote email access from anywhere in the world –We can configure so that you can access your copy of Outlook simply and easily via the web. We can manage both of these services for you so that you can get your email while you’re on the move.

Access emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and more with a Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange is designed to meet the challenges of businesses where email is a mission-critical communication tool.

Key benefits of exchange hosting

  • Integration with devices including BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android Mobile Phones
  • Access email using Microsoft Outlook, including calendars & tasks
  • Advanced security and reliability with built-in protection
  • Access your emails from any location with an internet connection

All Microsoft Exchange servers are supported via our network uptime guarantee and a complete SLA. Our infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by a team of certified Exchange Server Engineers