In 2010

Founded Devon Tech Support

Devon Tech Support was founded in 2010 in Okehampton on the edge of beautiful Dartmoor, by Paul Smart. Paulhad worked in as an engineer for the NHS in the past, and realised that although the need for a reputable, dedicated tech support business was present, no company had stepped forward to take on that role in his area. Brand recognition for this industry had yet to be established.

Within two years

Moved from Home to Workshop

Within two years, he had moved his Tech Support business from the spare room at his home to a dedicated small office at the top of Okehampton

In 2014

Yet another office move

With the small office not being big enough to store the hardware along side the engineers, a small period of 6 months followed where a second small office next door was taken on in order to be used a store room.

Six months later and everything was moved into a purpose built large workshop, big enough for 5 engineers and all the hardware storage space that was required.